1074: Little Dragon

One of the things I am doing more and more is being involved in the editing of pre-publish origami books. I was approached by Peter Buchan-Symons on his forthcoming book “Fantasy Origami”:

Peter Buchan-Symons' "Little Dragon"

I have folded many of his models testing as I check sequences, but seriously love this little guy – such a clever use of paper.

I folded this little dragon on a 21cm duo Tuttle print (although it is suggested that the first fold should be 25cm+) and the sequence is wonderful, complex and exacting.

Peter Buchan-Symons' "Little Dragon" view

I will fold this little fellow again, there is tons of potential to change posture, attitude and I really lik the sensitive use of colour change displayed here.

There is a “related” model – the “Vicious Little Dragon”, which is structurally this model with a bunch of grafts adding details (like claws) – I must try that now I have the more basic model sequence in my head.

Peter Buchan-Symons' "Little Dragon" scale

Peter Buchan-Symons “Folding Fantasy Volume 1” will be available in bookstores soon – look out for it, it contains some fun challenging models and a whole lot of insight into his design methods.

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