1073: Francesco Massimo’s “Danger Noodle”

Francesco Massimo sent me a diagram, out of the blue, for me to try – such an honour:

Francesco Massimo's Eastern Dragon

I have labelled it a “Danger Noodle” – it is an Eastern Dragon, but it looks way too playful to be dangerous.

Folded as a set of nested rabbit-ears straddling a central pleated gusset, the structure is fairly simple but has the basic morphology correct. I am sure, with some re-engineering, one could make the rear legs a little longer and the head more complex, but as a basic eastern dragon it is a cutie.

Francesco Massimo's Eastern Dragon - development

Folded from 60cm white/natural duo Kraft paper, I think I could have gone smaller with thinner paper, and it might be even cuter small – must add that to the “refold” pile.

I added a wire spine so he was posable, and used some glue-spots to close up some seams that tend to game a little, otherwise it is a pretty well organised model – pretty efficient also as the length of the model is pretty close to the length of the square you fold it from – you lose a little for the head and tail, but not much.

Francesco Massimo's Eastern Dragon scale

It was fun to be folding again and I have a few other models I must try, inbetween marking and life.

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