1106: PBS Scorpion

One of the benefits of working as part of the editing team on an origami book is that you get to see models before they are in the wild:

This is my test fold of Peter Bucan-Symons new “Scorpion”, a delicious model with a fun challenging fold sequence.

I folded this from a 60cm square of black/natural duo kraft paper (some of my dwindling stock of Ikea duo – WHY won’t they stock this anymore????).

The sequence is delicious, and requires a fairly high skill level and good accuracy (else errors compound and conspire to break the model). I have folded many scorpions, few as enjoyable and satisfying as this one – a testament to good design. I particularly like the paper layer management in the tail that lets you fold it without the paper fatigue that ruins other designs.

This and many other interesting designs are soon to be published in Bucan-Symons “Folding Fantasy Volume 2” – a terrific title to add to your bookshelf, but only if you have some folding skills as there are no “easy” models in this volume.

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