174: A Quill

Now in bygone eras (and magical schools) people used to sharpen a goose feather, dip it in ink and write with it – they called this contraption a Quill:

I was browsing for feathers, no iea why, when I stumbled accross a Vietnamese origami forum that had a rather lovely feathery pen thing, so decided to inflict the design on a nice piece of pearlescent white paper I had

fairly simple fold, with some fiddling around to get the nib shapely, in the end quite a nice fold.

Why a quill? Well, we are hours away from some announcement or other from J. K. Rowling about the Harry Potterverse, so I thought it appropriate.

2 thoughts on “174: A Quill

  1. OMG, I was browsing the web looking for an Origami Quill, when I stumbled across this site. First three posts are a Quill (the symbol of my beloved writers’ group), a Rat (my favorite animal and my pet) and Spock (ssssttttaarrr tttrreeekkk). Totally made my day, thanks. 😀

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