321: Zombeh!!!

I love it how you can have a serious and in-depth discussion with students about Zombies:

They are experts – both the “undead” and “infection” zombies could, like, totally happen – yeah, and it is well understood how to dispatch them.

Having not long finished an adaptation of Jane Austin’s classic tale “Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies)” I am in touch with my undead self.

Well, in truth, I am a little undead zombie myself – marking does that to my brain, with perilously close deadlines and waaaaay too much to actually do before it, I neeeeeed braaaaaaiiinnnsss!!!

This is Jun Maekawa’s Zombie – well, I assume that is what it is as the book I got it out of is entirely in Japanese and I cannot read it, so, yeah. I love this posture of this model, the hands reach out sinisterly and there is just enough of a facial expression to know he is gunning for your fresh brain.

Glad I used a scrap of lithography paper for this model – copy paper would not have let me puff out and flatten the face before disintegrating.

4 thoughts on “321: Zombeh!!!

  1. Hello, i was wondering if you can write out the instructions on how you made the zombie. I understand that you only had pictures to look at, but the ones above are not helping me much. I would really appreciate it if you got back to me as soon as possible. I want to make as many origami zombies as I can for a surprise I am doing for my boyfriend.

  2. Yeah even with the link it’s not possible without clear instructions. Which unfortunately is not even provided in this post. Total waste of time if even the person sharing this won’t give step-by-step, clear instructions. :/

    1. The diagrams are pretty clear and, when supplemented by my photos I think there is more than enough to follow. I am sorry if you do not have the skills to fold this yet – I am confident that you could learn this but am saddened by the negative tone on this post – my blog is not a tutorial and I do not have copyright permission from the designer to demonstrate the fold further.

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