375: Bugatti Royale

I am not normally a fan of fiddly modular figurative models, preferring geometrics instead but this design by Halle caught my eye:

Made from 41 tiny bits of paper, various sizes and fold techniques, it turns into a 3d jigsaw from hell near the end. Amazingly however it all slots together (although I needed to use a little double-sided tape to stop it from popping apart again due to paper tension).

You can see radiator, bonnet, wheels with hubcaps, mudguards, cockpit and canopy – amazing really.

I like that it is an attempt at a fairly faithful rendering of a real car – car geeks agree it looks a lot like the actual model and my rendition, first fold, is a lot like it should have turned out.

The ingenious system of interlocking cubes, half cubes and trays that slide inside each other is a masterpiece of design. Scale and accuracy is a problem and I fear copy paper is the wrong material because it wants to unfold – I guess something like tissue foil would be better because once folded it stays put. I have done another Halle model – the computer guy for Chris the computer guy and it too was a lot of different bits of paper assembled later.

8 thoughts on “375: Bugatti Royale

  1. Its simply wow. ..
    I wish to learn this
    Or at least some 3d car … made from origami
    Please. . Teach me or some link where I could something like this. .
    Its really beautiful and too creative
    A fabulous way to present origami

      1. i registered to the website neorigami but when i download Bugatti Royale it asks me for the usename and the password what should i do,please?

          1. when i write “neorigami” it keep asking me for the password and username .i want to fold that beautiful model

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