401: Double-Star Flexi-Cube

It took me ages to even understand what this model was:

An ingenious design by David Brill, modular in construction composed of 3 different types of modules, clustered in threes, hinged together, it is a most perplexing construction.

A seemingly plain cube opens up to show a star, which fits wholly within the cube and is removable.

Flexing the cube makes another star, flexing the star makes a plank, stellated plain and other interesting twisted geometries.

This is a keeper – paper tension keeps it in shape generally but it does not strongly lock, so I may resort to cello-tape on the joints so it can be handled without risk of it disintegrating (as it did to me twice).

The geometry is interesting, photographing it seems not to do justice to the shapes but I am glad I finally nutted it out – bravo Mr Brill.

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