WTF (What’s That Fold) #1

As a weekly treat, I am starting a WTF competition (What’s That Fold?) that can net the successful guesser the model if they want it.

If the model is to be posted, I just ask your assistance with the postage, that is as complicated as it needs to be.

WTF WEEK 1: Precreasing done, any guessers?

At STEP 46 it looks like this:

At STEP 76 it looks like this:

At STEP 97 it looks like this:

At Step 142 it looks like this, and is so obviously NOT a fish, flower, car, box or hovercraft:

And after a little MC wet modelling:

resulting is a lovely TREE FROG designed by Satoshi Kamiya:

Congratulations Wes Warner for first suggesting it was a frog – have your people call my people and we will work out how this little fellow can hop it’s way over to you

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