452: Smile!

In the olden days children, photographs were taken with a specialised piece of equipment, usually by a professional, using FILM:

In those days, you posed the shot, measured light levels, pulled focus and ensured the picture was worth taking before you wasted the plate – photography was expensive and much more of a science (some would also argue much moe of an art).

In the modern idiom, nearly every thing has a squillion megapixel camera, you point, shoot 60 frames, pick the least worst, apply a filter and upload it on Instagram and have your “friends” praise your artistry.

When I first saw this fold on Deviantart by “cahoonas” I knew I wanted to try it – he helped by providing a sort of guide so I set to bending paper. My version is similar to his, my tripod uses an equilateral triangle instead of square and I am not sure I was as tidy but for a first fold it is pretty nice indeed.

From a simple beginning – a bird base, you crinkle and hide a flap and it just sort of happens – I initially played with the idea of folding both camera and tripod from the same sheet but could not resolve the join between the two – something to think about I think as I am sure if I plan the sheet it is possible.

I know many photographers – the best are familiar with film and I am old enough to remember how carefully it made you as a photographer – i sort of miss that discipline, but then again I do not – democratization of image acquisition is both great and awful.

edit: It’s new owner Lea is pretty chuffed with it also – here is a pic from its new home:

6 thoughts on “452: Smile!

    1. it merely balances on the top – If I had used a square for the tripod and collapsed the same I would have had an extra arm that I guess could have tucked into the body but I never got that to look tidy unlike the original

      thanks for the feedback

  1. Thank you so much Peter!!!
    My bellows camera is presently taking pride of place on my desk – I’m feeling very lucky and I love it!
    You are very talented… and patient!

    1. You are welcome Leah, it was an interesting exercise in folding at close quarters and not adding unnecessary creases, glad you liked it. Be sure to take a picture of it in it’s new home and send it to me – I will add it to the blog.

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