451: Tarsier

I had a small but lovely piece of elephant-dung paper – now this is not as gross as it first sounds, the paper is cleaned fiber retrieved from elephant dung – yeah, ok, it does not sound any less grotty – lovely textured irregular and lumpy paper though it was:

I needed a model, Sebastien Limet’s Tarsier seemed most logical (given I had not folded it before and I thought folding it near life-size might be an interesting challenge).

There is much to love about this model – apart from the delicious expressiveness of the face, delicate grip of its primate hands or the prehensile grip of its tail, this is a real charmer.

I like that the face is implied, but I can see lovely big innocent eyes, sensitive ears and all the hallmarks of a delicate but mischievous “bush baby” which makes these little chaps endangered in the wild because rich folk sentence them to long agonizing deaths as pets outside of their native habitats.

The paper more or less held up, fortunately the most inflexible lumps in it more or less missed important crease lines and I am happy the model looks lovely with little assistance (I have not even MC’d it to pose – it is as I folded it) – genius design indeed.

I can see myself folding this again – the face would be different each fold – charming. Merci Monsieur Limet, c’est tres jolie!

2 thoughts on “451: Tarsier

  1. nice fold and shape ! I not see a lot of interpretation of this model but this one is really good … with the shape, you can fold it twice and it will never the same ! trés joli Monsieur Peter !

  2. Hello,

    Excuse me in advance I’m a student in France I don’t speak English very well… I fell in love with your work it’s incredible. Really amazing.
    I have something to ask you …
    I am in love with a girl and I want to seduce her by making her an origami of a tarsier. It is her favorite animal. In high school they called me Scofield (Prison Break) because I sometimes make origami, but in truth I’m not very good … Yours Tarsier is perfect Do you think you could send me a vide, a folding guide or show me the steps to get it done? I will be very grateful to you forever.

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