479: Dollar Koi

There is a branch of Origami that I have not explored because I live in Australia and our bank notes are no longer paper, they are plastic:

Moneygami, an exacting discipline that uses USD paper notes, a particular format where all notes are the same size and still made of paper is fascinating for a bunch of reasons.

The accuracy needed to tease so much detail out of such a small rectangle of tough paper is an art, and Won park is an astonishingly talented designer that designed this fish – a lovely catfish/Koi Carp.

Mind buggering (and finger bleeding) details include a luscious fantail, scales, gills, fins, a majestic head with EYES that are part of the “greenback” printed design – wow!.

A friend brought back some greenbacks for me to fold, but this one was from a student of mine who happened to have a US$1 bill in his wallet for some reason – he was eager for me to try fold it, I agreed only if I could give it back to him – the result is this lovely thing.

2 thoughts on “479: Dollar Koi

  1. One of my favorite dollar models. It will be a sad day in history should the U.S. ever update the printing on the one dollar bill and no longer have the swirls in place- so often used for eyes on moneyfold models.

    Good job on the koi!

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