503: Man and Woman

Flipping through an obscure copy of Papiroflexia Bicolour by Fernando Gilgado, I was struck with a pair of … models that looked like fun to make.503ManWoman

I had some small (10in) squares of handmade Kozo left over from the eagle fold and thought I would give it a whirl.

The fun and hilarity began – I have provided you with a cutout so you can do some arrangement depending on your orientation and preference – is it “Adam and Eve”, “Adam and Steve” or “Eve and Gwen” – you decide.503AdamAndSteve

There is something vaguely pervy about using paper to make a pert set of breasts, then adjusting them so they are just right.503Woman

There is something plain disturbing about using a set of tweezers to sculpt a little man’s junk.503Man

In the end, I have no idea what I should do with these models – I am not sure if they are too rude to add to my display at school – thoughts?

There are some lovely origami maneuvers, efficient use of paper and a lot of detail here – apart from being anatomically correct, Steve has hands with fingers and thumbs, Eve has a fetching haircut also – nice layer management and the right number of appendages.503AdamAndEveDev

There are other things I think I will attempt in this book, none as graphic as these however. Truth be told I started these ages ago, but lost where I had folded them from, turning the house inside out until I re-found the instructions.


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