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Faces are things we humans are born to recognise. We see them everywhere, we can recognise them with the barest of visual clues:

 Apparently even magpies do facial recognition, remembering the dive-bombing victim and their seeming boundary transgressions for years.

I am interested in the structure of faces, particularly how little paper manipulation is necessary to evoke a face that embodies an expression, the visual manifestation of attitude and mood.

Inspired by the work of Junior Fritz Jacquet, I am exploring how to fold faces from flat sheets without edge incursions, with the hope that it translates into tube-folded faces – we shall see. I have documented my progress below:

Starting with an overlapping diamond pinch…
…collapse and pinch the point, tucking edges underneath the nose …
…the flatten the nostrils and tidy up before …
…contemplative brow, mouth and other things.
I like it, it shows great promise. Because there are no edge incursions on the seam, theoretically it can be done from a cylinder …

 After further experimentation, it was found this technique can then be applied to a cylinder quite successfully (this is my FIRST GO with a toilet roll):

With some tweaking I think I can make other expressions – at the moment he looks grumpy, old and tired all in one – I guess bog-roll people are?

2 thoughts on “About Face

  1. Whoa! YOU’re the toilet paper origami mask guy…FOUND YOU 😀
    Really amazing work with these man, and now that I’ve seen these explorations, I shall try some out myself! 🙂

    1. umm, no, I am a guy who saw Junior Fritz Jacquet’s work (he is the artist – link to his site in the blog post) and wondered how it was done, I am still exploring

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