Double Dragon – Paper Wedding Anniversary

When asked by a friend of my son’s if were possible to fold something to celebrate their fist wedding anniversary, which coincidentally is the “Paper” anniversary, I thought why not:DoubleDragon

The couple are dragon fans, so it seemed obvious to include something from that world. I looked around for something that would present in a shadow box, and dismissing immediately the suggestion that “a ryujun would be nice”, I settled on a pair of Darkness Dragon IIs, designed by Tadashi Mori.DoubleDragonPaper

I prepped some lovely squares of Unryushi tissue – a lovely thready red and a gold-flecked blue by plastering it to glass with MC, making them crisp and lovely.DoubleDragonDev

Folding in parallel they came together rather nicely, then I decided to pose them slightly intertwined, forming a sort of heart shape … naaaawww.DoubleDragonScale

Using an IKEA shadow box frame, mounted on a sheet of marble, it ended up being lovely and I hope it makes a lovely addition to their home.

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