76: Shamrock (Four Leafed Clover)

The luck of the Irish be with you:

A four leafed clover I thought was appropriate for St Patrick’s Day – pity it is not green, could do with a pint of Guinness right about now, or maybe that is just a load of blarney.

This cute model is actually in 2 pieces – the clover leaf and a stand that tucks into it’s underside – I like it.

You can try to make one for yourself – all simple folds: shamrock

2 thoughts on “76: Shamrock (Four Leafed Clover)

    1. The shamrock is the model, the stand is not really important, plus it was either this one (that looks like a four leaf clover) or another, made from one piece of paper, that does less so – I made a call given I get ONE go at St. Pat’s Day

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