551: (1/365) Mummy Star

When my sister in law went to Nepal, she found some rather charming Lokta paper, hand-made with block printed gold floral designs. She carefully transported it back with her for me to wrangle. I had a modular in mind and the orange Lokta seemed the obvious choice:

This is Miyuki Kawamura’s Mummy Star, a startlingly complicated modular in 30 pieces. The technique of folding splayed fans, then folding them back on themselves gives the appearance of “wrapping” or bandages I suppose (think Mummy Movie).

It has a fairly good locking mechanism but (shhhh) I added a point of glue to each join to ensure it does not gradually undo itself.

Before I could fold this paper I had to stiffen it, it arrived a lot like cloth/material – soft, tough but it would not take folds. I MC’d it to my window and it peeled off crisp and ready to work with. With another sheet (she brought back red, orange and white) I folded a lovely red Hex Box

A nice Christmas Present and a fun fold – I do not think this would fold much smaller, the pleats get really dense and there is an odd tuck that helps the twirly bandaged look that is fairly difficult even at this scale.

Happy for this to be considered the first fold of a potentially new 365 project – let us see how it pans out.

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