148: Fujimoto’s Hexagonal Box

Looking at the options for the box for this month, I stumbled across a design For Fujomono’s hexagonal box and decided to give that a twirl, literally:

A realtively simple fold that is stunningly beautiful – the hex swirl inside and out has a skirt that locks itself into the base – design genius that makes this my favourite box so far.

I think this design is a keeper. The lid is a slight variation of the base, slips over tightly and the finished package is a beautiful sculptural object – it would look lovely in pretty paper and because everything locks in place would be a good gift box also (must keep that in mind)

6 thoughts on “148: Fujimoto’s Hexagonal Box

  1. Hi,

    I’ve tried to make this box a couple of times, but I don’t understand the twist part. I always end up ruining the paper! Are you able to put up a photo (or even better a video!) showing how the paper twists???

    Thank you!!!!!!

    1. if you put the diagonal creases in then the box naturally wants to twist, I find holding the vertical crease whilst encouraging the diagonal works best

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