588: (38/360) Sipho Mabona’s “Swallow”

When planning origami models that will be good for permanent display, locks and paper tension matter as a model will try to unfold itself:

This genius design results in a fairly faithful swallow, the body is rounded, beak and head cleverly proportioned, tings and tail streamlined – it looks like it would fly.

The folding process is fairly gently, I have seen a video of Sipho folding where he lightly coats his paper with CMC glue first, then folds while wet, allowing it to dry in the final shape to become more permanent – very clever.

I was surprised that I had not folded this model before. As a fan of Sipho’s work I look for opportunities to try his designs.

3 thoughts on “588: (38/360) Sipho Mabona’s “Swallow”

  1. I would like to fold this swallow by Sipho Mabona but I would like to get printed instructions like you have pictured. There were pictures of each step on Origami Forum but they can no longer be accessed. Videos make me frustrated because I have to pause often. Is there printed instructions that I can obtain? Thanks

    1. The print instructions are in a BOS magazine – they are available on the BOS website I think in back-issue. Alternatively, you could search the OUSA model database, you may be able to purchase them there

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