592: (42/360) Sooo…Mr Whitehouse, Can you Fold a Paper Plane?

I have lost count of the times I have been asked this by students, presumably based on the assumption that because I fold paper I must make a mean paper plane:

Truth be told when I make simple paper darts they fly terribly, not sure why. Many of the worlds great origamists started with paper planes – I did not.

I have folded amazing planes however – with functional landing gear, engines, cockpits, pilots, multiple wings, propellers etc and this model adds to that collection. Yoshino Issei has taken the time to plan this Fa-18 fuselage, wing position and attitude, cockpit and wheels and this seem to take me an age to fold.

I used a 40cm sheet of Tissue foil, and that helps keep the dense model together when finished. It is a genius design that looks like it should fly really fast (it doesn’t fly so much as plummet, however, when tossed).

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