614: (64/365) Brickwork Fireplace

Brickwork tessellations are a bit of work, but it is nice to see a model that uses the tessellation as the texture of another structure:

This is Ichiro Kinoshita’s “Fireplace by Brickwork”, a torturous fold that requires a ton of pre-creasing and as the scale I chose (square cut from an A3 sheet), the final crease lines end up about 4mm apart on fairly heavy paper – not, in retrospect, a good choice.

After some baffling (all in Japanese) instructions on how many rows of bricks, where on the sheet and so on I moved to the forming of the 3d structure.

The collapse for the grate (the bottom place where the fire/ashes collect was pretty standard box pleating but shaping the mantle and flue (this is a full 3d model of a fireplace) involved a little creative “smooshing” of layers until I found a collapse that would more or less lie flat.

I could see this model as a section of a much larger lounge room model, but I am not sure I would have the patience for lots more of this type of tessellation.


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