650: (100/365) Mi Wu’s Dragon

Now I must admit for model 100 of the current 365, to starting this mode before we went on holidays, but left it barely started as it has taken me an age to decrypt the directions for folding it:

This lovely, plucky little dragon needs much bigger paper. Teasing the details and final shaping at this scale is torture.

The difficulty of the model, for me, was understanding the instructions – the actual moves were manageable but the diagramming made understanding what was happening to what, where, really difficult I found. I did not, thankfully, resort to “smushing” to make it work however there were times when I contemplated it as landmarks seemed incorrect and complex folding sequences for simple end-results made things unnecessarily difficult.

I chose pink hand-made washi from Daiso, that helped a little as some parts get really thick. With larger format paper I think I could have shaped the head/legs/tail much better but overall I think the model has promise.

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