655: (105/365) Basset Hound

Those who know me realise I am mostly a “cat person” but my parents used to have Bassets, lovely dogs that were low to the ground, long ears and seemingly wearing a skin that was 5 sizes too big:

I have been looking for a good Basset hound model and, up until now, have not really found anything suitable.

Scanning the State Library (and learning you can e-borrow their collection) I stumbled across an archived copy of Seth Friedman’s “Dog Origami”. The last (and presumably most complex) model in the book was a Basset, and I have spent much of the afternoon trying to fold it.

I am pretty happy with the first fold, but will now look for more suitable paper for the presentation fold for mum – the paper needs to be brindle, maybe cowskin print, I will see what I can find.

I think this model comes closest to the actual body shape and morphology of the breed, but it’s front legs are weak (and may need reinforcment from within). the necl structure is complex and getting the hind-quarters in the right proportions requires a little “guess and check” that seemed to work out fine.

Fun model, to be folded again. I found a video tutorial for this model also

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