657: (107/365) Le Chat Noir

I have had this model on my “must try” list for ages but there was something about the fold sequence that made me uneasy, couldn’t put my finger on it:

I decided to fold it in black, because…reasons. faithfully following the folding diagrams unexpected things began to happen – layers on the wrong side, meridians not aligning etc.

I got a little “creative” and it worked out fine, but I think there are errors in the sequence (or steps missing). I followed the diagrams faithfully until … I didn’t, really.

The end result is a lovely little cat, Tim Burton would love it, it has the same spindly style he has become famous for in his animation. Nice design work Eric (the madfolder) Vigier, it was an interesting challenge.

2 thoughts on “657: (107/365) Le Chat Noir

  1. felicitation .
    you must that this one had evolve ( if you find the diag on origami USA) with modeling part on the head.
    about “but I think there are errors in the sequence (or steps missing)” it’s normal it was retouched byr Robert Lang himeself …
    Thank you for trying it

    1. Yes, it was the OUSA diagrams, and not a criticism – it worked out in the end and was a fun model, great designing Eric.

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