673: (123/365) Longhorn Beetle

Itching to dive into some thing complex (365 challenges are lousy for this, the one fold a day schedule makes longer hauls really difficult), I decided on an insect from Robert Lang that I had not folded before:

Folded nearly life-size, this is a longhorn beetle, a lovely little bug with seemingly ridiculous antennae.

Folded from a 35cm square of black hand-made washi with inclusions, this was an exercise in precision, some of the folds were terrifyingly tiny and complex but sometimes that is really satisfying to do, particularly when the fold works.

I really like Robert Lang’s style – the precision and mathematical complexity of his designs are a wonder, I love also how you can read the crease pattern, accurately predicting which part of the sheet becomes which part of the model.

Really happy with how the paper held out for this model also.

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