676: (126/365) Stellated Octahedron

I am always on the lookout for a striking modular to fold when I am idle at work. This beauty – two tetrahedrons mating, was an obvious choice:

I have folded much more complicated versions of things like this – made with lots of little pieces each having different angle connectors. Ilan Garibi appropriates Francis Ow’s 60 degree unit and adds 2 different connector slots mid way along each long unit – a bottom edge slit and a top edge slit. These then mate seamlessly making it look like a pair of struts are in fact 4 bits of paper when they are not. The intersection of the 2 mating tetrahedrons is an octahedron; points rise from the octahedron faces making it stellated – genius.

This was a lot of fun to fold, contained some interesting collapses (I like the top edge slot formation particularly, and the struts were pretty easy to connect. I could see that if you messed with the proportions a bit you could get a range of eye-popping geometry with the same basic principles.

I have not folded any of Ilan’s designs before, but must look some more out.

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