675: (125/365) Centipede

Gagging for complex folds I thought I would torture a bit of paper with a super complex model from Robert Lang’s “Origami Insects II”:

The paper survived and the resultant creepy crawley is interesting if not perfect.

Missing steps and powering on, only have to backtrack, characterised this mammoth 6 hour fold. Some steps are small but have long term consequences and I was worried that unfolding and refolding would cause the paper to disintegrate, fortunately not.

The result is morphologically similar to a centipede, although I would need to MC it to get it to keep the body shape and leg positions faithfully.

It was a wonderful exercise in precision, as the bases and collapses were all designed asymmetrically. I must try this again with a slightly larger sheet – working at this scale was very challenging for my fat clumsy fingers, however the result is nearly life-size,

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