706: (156/365) Finger Gyro

A craze among the young kids at the moment is the “fidgit spinner“, that little toy that … spins, and … well, that is just about it:

According to some fairly shady “research”, these toys improve concentration, and that may be correct for a limited number of kids with specific learning issues, but, yeah.

Enterprising businesses sell these, advertise “tricks” you can do with them, and offer ways to pimp out your rig in ways that, well, make it more fully sick.

Trolling around the interwebs, I noticed a post on an obscure Chinese (I think?) forum that offered a photo diagram of a “finger gyro” (a much better name) folded from an equilateral triangle, so I knew I was destined to “get down and jiggly with the kids” and fold one.

This is a clever fold, managing colour change and layers to re-distribute weight around a hex-twisted spindle, and it spins – no, truly it does.

The designer is Mike Luo

5 thoughts on “706: (156/365) Finger Gyro

      1. Thanks! This looks to be some kind of origami blog (“折纸日常” roughly translates to “origami daily”).

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