709: (159/365) Satoshi Kamiya’s Tsuru Rose

I am nothing if not determined at times. This  model has beaten me many times but, due to a perfect storm it seemed to just happen in my hands:

This is Satoshi Kamiya’s “Tsuru Rose” – an odd but beautiful combination of a Kawasaki rose twist in the body segment of a traditional Tsuru.

Devilishly clever, simple and impossible all in one, for some reason my 5 previous attempts all ended up twisted mangled wrecks.

I like this model a lot … genius design in it’s simplicity.

2 thoughts on “709: (159/365) Satoshi Kamiya’s Tsuru Rose

  1. This crane had me baffled too for quite some time. Like you, I ended up wondering if I would have to throw out every piece of paper I owned because I just couldn’t get it! It seemed so simple but it kep defeating me. I perceivered until I conquered it. Now I wonder why I had such a problem.

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