716: (166/365) Michael LaFosse’s Mudarri Luna Moth

Catching up, finally, and continuing exploration of the form, this is a luna moth: apparently the main difference between a moth and a butterfly is that moths typically do not have winds that meet above the body – I may have just made that up:

I like the slight “swallowtail” formation here – lots of work pre butterfly formation in getting proportions right makes this seem graceful.

There are LOTS of butterflies in LaFosse’s book, I have it on loan online from the State Library (what a great service) so will prolly make some more while I can – they are fun.

Entomologists – I am thinking these might make a great shadowbox display, but I think I need to mount them on pins, like … an entomologist really. Where do I get those long pins? Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “716: (166/365) Michael LaFosse’s Mudarri Luna Moth

  1. I put my collection of origami butterflies/moths on standard 1/4 inch black foam core board with standard sewing pins.

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