762: (212/365) Free Hugs

Anyone who knows me realises I am a HUGE Alien fan (well, except for Alien 4 – The Apology) so I find it irresistible when I find an Alien-related fold:

This is Makoto Anzai’s “Face Hugger”, a snarly hand-inspired ovipositor that is the precursor to a chestburster. Similar to Fernando Gilgado’s model, this one has a different fold morphology.

The instructions, initially a baffling crease pattern before the first collapse, is sparsely diagrammed and annotated only in Japanese in a Tanteidan Convention book.

A beautifully creepy set of legs, lung-like breathy things and a nice prehensile tail, it is a hug of death that one never quite gets over.

Fortunately there are recent Alien movies (most recently “Covenant”) that adds wonder and terror to the Alien universe.

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