820: (270/365) Their Lives in Our Hands

Recently I had the privilege to see Humpback Whales lounging and playing in Hervey Bay:

I was determined to fold a Humpback, but only really found one designer that had designed something that even remotely looks like a Humpback. Highly tapered body, hooked dorsal fin, soft bellows-like throat, tail fluke – this model has it all.

Made for duo paper, this model has white bits in roughly the right places but none on the underside of the tail, oddly.

Folded from a square of Daiso blue washi, real humpbacks are generally black and white. We saw mothers lounging while energetic calves swam excitedly, jumping out of the water (breaching) repeatedly – it must have been fun, it sure looked like it.

We need to look after our seas, and all that swim in them. Their lives in our hands.


2 thoughts on “820: (270/365) Their Lives in Our Hands

    1. Ben Muller (USA) although I found this design in Tanteidan convention 20, it also appears to be part of “Praha 2014” by the Czech Origami Society

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