854: (304/365) … you make One Fairy Cry …

Australia does not really have a tradition of Halloween, it seems to me a cultural import that encourages the worst sort of excesses – a point I tried to explain to a small halloweenie dressed as a fairy who came knocking on my door on this day a few years back:

It did not go as well as planned, needless to say I am now labelled “the grinch” of our street and little kids scuttle past our place in costume afraid of the bad man in that house.

I was not trying to be mean, I did not have any “candy” which is what she begged for – Australians do not call lollies “candy” anyways, a point it seemed pointless to try and make to a blubbing tinkerbell.

This is a 2-piece model, designed by Yoshihisa Kimura. It is seated and balances quite nicely on the corner of things – the body posture and details are quite nice but I did not realise until I had finished folding the body that the head and wings were a separate bit of paper. The video explaining it can be found here – have a go yourself but beware – tears make the paper hard to fold.

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