897: (347/365) Deathstar

Tomorrow in Oz the next chapter of the Star Wars saga opens in cinemas. I am not likely to see it until the crush of “real fans” abates but thought on the eve I would fold something relevant:

This I have labelled “Deathstar” because it bears an uncanny resemblance to the space station the Liberator encountered just out from Far Point, while captain Mal and his rag tag band of cylons, and their computer Aurac, cruised the belt looking for replicants (how many scifi franchises are hinted at here? :P).

In truth, it is the “Diamond Bridge” Kusudama, designed by Miyuki Kawamura. It is a “death star” because I had no real idea of size or number of pieces needed coming in (I could only find instructions in Russian, and , surprise, my Rusky is rusty to be kind), so I sort of folded and constructed as I went until I had a closed spikey ball. 

Vertices are bunches of 5 units, joined to adjacent vertices by threes – this results in 30 units all up to make this rather beautiful ball – note the little hanging 3d diamonds in the narrow points of each unit – just so cool.

For all Trekkers out there, never give up, never surrender.

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