930: Ground Control to Major Tom …

…take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

I have waited an age to fold this model – I was waiting on finding some large format duo paper. When visiting IKEA, I came upon delicious 70cm wide rolls of duo Kraft paper (black on natural and white on natural), and bought a bunch of rolls. 

Folding a 24×24 grid on a virgin square of white/natural Kraft, the collapse lines laid in, the collapse proceeds to the first stage then you re-work each stickey-outey bit.

The arms and legs became evident early on, but shaping all the other components of the suit, air tank, helmet, gloves and boots takes a light touch.

I love this model. Alejandro Pascual has done wonderful things with colour change management – the maneuver that surfaces the reverse colour on the buttons is mind-bendng, I love the leg formation and the overall proportions of this model. I was delighted to achieve this on my first fold

This astronaut looks like it needs to be floating in zero-g, its posture means it is free-standing. I think this design is genius – without any assistance (MC, glue etc) it is stable, recognisable and stands by itself. For archive purposes, I have added a couple of dabs of glue to keep some key seams together before the photo, but I imagine if you used foil-backed paper then it would be good to go as is.

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