938: Angelfish by John Montroll

As a member of Origami USA, I get access to publications, diagrams and a community of folders world wide. It and JOAS are important communities for folders from Oz as we are so far (physically) from everywhere:

Every year, OUSA decorate a Christmas Tree at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. members are asked to contribute models to hang.

I diligently folded the supplied paper, using the supplied diagram and have posted it off to join folds from all over. Nice simple model, works well with patterned paper.

2 thoughts on “938: Angelfish by John Montroll

  1. Nice! The mail from the USA to Mexico takes forever (typically, 2 months or so), so my instructions and paper haven’t arrived yet. I know the model, so I might go ahead and fold a few, but don’t know how long it will take for the mail to get them to OrigamiUSA…

  2. yes, I am hoping it will get there in time, we have the disadvantage of being on the other side of the planet, and our postal service is generally really slow, but I thought I would give it a whorl as soon as I could

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