939: A Weyr of Red Dragons

It has been a while since I last blogged a fold. Truth be told the end of the term beat me up a lot – coupled with a savage cold, auto-immune rash (I still have) and an infected tear duct, on top of the marking and reporting it beat me up proper:

That said, folding remains a refuge and I did fold a lot in the interim, just did not blog about it – must redress the balance.

I “found” a set of diagrams, well, stumbled across them on Pinterest (the largest bastion of copyright infringement) and decided it was worth a fold after seeing an unauthorised youtube video tutorial of the same fold (I must have skipped over it while scanning the document).

Paper sizes for body, wings and head

This is a “modular” dragon – made from a square, triangle and smaller square (proportions 1, 1/4, 1/8 for body, wings and head) it holds together quite nicely without glue and is a lovely dense fold with lots of possibility.

I like the head – quite simple by other dragon standards, it looks snappy and manages the colour changes nicely. The wings are thin and more western-style, but they slot into a socket in the shoulders really positively. the body has some lovely texture, colour change management to make the underbelly a different colour and some cunning crimps to make a lovely serpentine shape. the legs are well proportioned and really stable.

From one large square split from a new duo red Kraft roll I bought from Ikea (they are selling it as wrapping paper at the moment, like the duo black and duo white kraft I bought earlier) I have enough for 3 full dragons, a “weyr” indeed. 

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