945: David Nudd’s Box-Pleat Sword

As part of a weekly challenge on the Sydney Origami Inc facebook page, I had a go at David Nudd’s box-pleated sword:

david nudd's sword

A basic 16×16 grid has a few extra short diagonals layed in before a collapse that is fairly straight forward to give the basic morphology of the base.

david nudd's sword CP

Shaping completely changes the style and practicality of the weapon, but you get a lovely long sword that can be flattened via a series of spread-sinks on the reverse and some shaping. The pommel (yes, I googled sword part names) has lots of options for shaping also.

I think, when I re-fold this, I will experiment with a colour change – I am sure I can isolate the blade from the pommel via some careful layer management.

david nudd's sword in development

I started the Sydney Ori challenge by shareing my “Superdude” model with the community, and saw a bunch of fun variations … it will be interesting to see how this challenge develops.

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