As a Christmas present, my daughter signed me up for a Lino-cut and print-making workshop – something I was interested to try for the first time:

final print 5/5

Originally I had a much more ambitious plan, but it was deemed not achievable in the allocated time in the workshop so I sort of freestyled it.

roughing out the background using a 'u' gouge

Drawing, freehand, a Tsuru, I set about laying it out in rough graphic style, texturing the background and trying a subtle paper texture inside, I set about finely gouging lines, working out what was pit (un-inked) and what was land (inked).

applying ink reveals the negative image

I printed on watercolour paper and some fine Kozo, and learned about ink, distribution and how difficult it is to keep clean during the process.

a print emerges

I am fully chuffed with the results, and must now go source some tools to have another go – something I am keen to do.

Imagining further into the future … I make the paper … print it’s pattern and then … fold it. Another step towards that goal.

2 thoughts on “Print-o-gami

  1. Very cool, love your ambition, can’t imagine what will come of it but can’t wait to see it either! 😀

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