948: “Snow Crystal” Hex-box

I have been looking for tidy self-contained folds based on A4 paper that hides the raw edges, so I could try my lovely thistle-based hand-made paper (from the ladies at Paper Makers and Artists):

snow flake box complete

This box looks like a traditional fold, but seems to be credited fairly recently to Sweet Paper, a paper art shop/tutorial site I stumbled across in my musings. Not sure of the attribution however, as many of their featured designs I have seen (and folded) from other artists.

lid and base. Lid is 3/7ths of the sheet, base is the rest

The paper, with lovely rough chopped scotch thistle fibres and other pulp is fairly crisp, fairly thin but had raggedy (beautiful) decal edges that I did not really want to have to chop off.

lid development

Folding into 7ths (well, actually I cheated by folding an actual A4 sheet into 7ths and then transferred these creases to the raggedy A4, purely for accuracy purposes), you landmark 3/7ths as the cut point to separate the sheet into lid and base.

I really like the inside-reverse-folded lid with deeply recessed triangular locks that expand out into a flower-like traditional hemp leaf pattern, and the locking mechanism to secure the lid into a hexagon by overlapping 1/7th then turning over the edge is simple but effective.

base development

The base, folded from the bottom 4/7ths of the page, with an ingenious double crimp and inside tuck to close, making the base slightly conical. The conical point is then reversed on existing creases to make a recessed stable base – very neat.

finished box - scale of A4 fold

I think this design honours the paper, by showcasing the snarly texture and not discarding any of the sheet.

Very happy with this, must remember to gift it back to the guild.

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