ONE WORLD – Six Intersecting Pentagonal Prisms (revisited)

When you have a little time, and 90 bits of paper on hand, you should have a go at this delightful brain-breaker designed by Daniel Kwan:

6 intersecting pentagonal prisims

This is not my first attempt at this model, back in 2011 I folded it in white, and decided to re-work it in colour.

6 intersecting pentagonal prisims views

I love the geometry in this ball of pain, and the emergent patterns inside become more apparent when each prism is a different colour. In retrospect, constructing it in colour makes it easier to see what goes where. Implicit in the alignment of prisms is the relationship each prism has with every other prism – the placement of long units in a 1, 2, 2 interleave pattern is consistent when you look at any 2 prisms in isolation.

6 intersecting pentagonal prisims scale

The result of scale this time around made a soccer ball sized model, a lovely thing indeed.

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