955: Versailles Box

Looking for a rose-based box for a gift, I came across Tadashi Mori’s tutorial for this fold:

Versailles box

Made of “curler” units, the rose-like structure on top of the box required 4 squares. The box lid also requires 4 squares, the base also – 12 squares all up.

Versailles box views

The locking mechanism for the rosey thing appears flimsy at first, but each piece is anchored via 3 twists, it seems stable and decorative.

The box components slied into each other, making a quite stable (albeit shallow) box – suitable for delivering something small and precious.

Versailles box scale

Apparently a similar unit also makes a Kasudama, might have a go some time. I found a Japanese chopstick (thin and pointy) aided in forming nice tight curls.

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