956: Children of the Forest

So GOT has started again, the final season and it is a promised shitstorm between people and the undead (sorry, if that is a spoiler).

children of the forest - Flynn Jackson's CP

It seems ALL of the trouble of the resident ice-zombies was caused by an experiment between a man and a race called “the children of the forest”, and some dragon glass, but that plot point will be explored further I guess as the series winds up. This mask reminds me of what I imagined the children of the forest looked like when I read the books.

collapse of CP

This is my first attempt at a mask, designed by Flynn Jackson, a genius mask designer who has begun sharing his crease patterns.

scale of the fold

This is a “score and fold” exercise on one level, but the more I play in this sphere, the more artistic a pursuit it appears – tweaks here and there allow change in expression and attitude – interesting stuff.

I must try some more of these, they are fun.

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