957: Tragic Clown

There is a story of a deeply depressed man who, when seeking help from a psychiatrist, was given the advice that he should cheer himself up by seeing the visiting clown, the great “Joseph Grimaldi”. With the suggestion, the man wept more intensely. “I am Grimaldi”, he said.

clown mask

I am terrified of clowns, just putting that out there. That said, I saw this little CP of a “Pierrot” with a silly hat and decided to procrastinate even further and attempt to fold it.

cp of clown mask

Breathing character into this face is tricky, and I am not sure I have done it justice, but I have a better understanding of the model morphology, so may, one day, retry it.

scale of the mask

This is a clown (well, at least I think that is what it represents), a CP designed by Flynn Jackson, mask master from a roughly 2×1 rectangle, scored then bent with care.

3 thoughts on “957: Tragic Clown

  1. If Flynn Jackson knew how to find reference for his models wouldn’t he become Robert J. Lang? (From what I’ve heard this guy uses some sort of software to design these masks which is not a big deal but not only Robert J. Lang designed his scorpion with a computer software but also he managed to find references for it and now he can literally fold without looking at crease pattern which is a big deal)

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