969: Little Dragon

One of the things I have the privilege to be involved with is the proof-reading/editing of books from origamishop.com. As such, I get a chance to make changes in diagrams and instruction annotations, and test fold:

Chen Xiou's Tiny Dragon

This is “Tiny Dragon”, a beautiful little model from a forthcoming book by Chen Xiou.

Chen Xiou's Tiny Dragon view

This is a fun fold sequence, not a beginners fold but there is a lovely new base here, and it takers twists and turns before you can see the model morphology – I like this sort of sequence.

Chen Xiou's Tiny Dragon scale

Folded from 40cm duo Ikea Kraft, this little dragon is so cute and has a clever use of colour changes. I am sure I will fold him again.

6 thoughts on “969: Little Dragon

  1. Hi! I love your blog and renditions of models. I see that you use “Ikea Kraft” a lot. Are you referring to Kraft paper from the store, Ikea? I have seen it in-store, but it is not available online, so I was curious if they were one and the same. Thank you, and keep up the amazing site!

    1. I stumbled across rolls of “christmas wrapping paper” that was duo Kraft paper (black/natural) 3 years ago when exiting Ikea (it was near the checkouts), went back each subsequent year and found red, then white – yep – wrapping paper but nice high quality duo Kraft in about 70cm wide rolls. I buy them whenever I see them now and love working with it as a variation from natural Kraft.

  2. I see! Thanks for the reply. I just found it available on Ikea’s website, could you check if this is similar to what you use?

      1. Each year they have a different collection of patterned Kraft, I have bought it also (some of my models use it as you can see), but I am referring to the solid colour wrap rolls they also sometimes sell – well worth looking for in-store, I have not seen them in their online catalogue – pretty sure it is “GIVANDE” however they only have black and white currently, I have not seen red for a couple of years

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