1029: Hideo Komatsu’s Horse

Always on the look out for an elegant depiction of a horse, a contact on Insta posted his fold of this model (a model I had not seen before), and I knew I had to try it:

Hideo Komatsu's Horse

There are many stunning origami horses – my favourite 2 of note are David Brill’s (folded from a triangle) and Satoshi Kamiya’s (which I have yet to fold).

Hideo Komatsu's Horse views

This model has the proportions and majesty of a fine racing horse and the fold sequence is a lot of fun – you have to be accurate and exercise restraint throughout to get an elegant form.

Folded from a 40cm square of Tant (a little heavy for this design, but I liked the colour and texture so persisted), I think I have a new favourite – such a beautiful horse, and lovely internal structure also.

Hideo Komatsu's Horse development

I like this model because almost up until the end, the folded mess looks NOTHING like a horse – this luscious steed just emerges from the tangle as if by magic.

Hideo Komatsu's Horse scale

I now really _must_ try Satoshi Kamiya’s horse (it was the reason I bought his book 3), but for now my new +fav is Hideo Komatsu’s horse, beautiful design that eats paper in unusual ways but results in a stylish model that responds to shaping really well.

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