1110: Origami World Marathon 4

I have recently completed the mammoth 50hr+ live fold-along festival called The Origami World Marathon. I folded as many as I could physically attend, and it is a super rare privilege to be actually taught by such world class designers.

I managed about 14 models live, slept some and can complete those missed because, as part of the purchased ticket I gain access to video tutorials from the designers for the next year – win, win.

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1053: Jake the Snek

My Mum had a large carpet snake take up residence atop her hot water system. Apparently he (she? who can tell?) was gentle, sleepy and knocked off some terracotta plant pots in his quest for a coil-spot:

Gen Hagiwara's snake

Over a period of a couple of weeks, he moved about, basking, slithering and generally being a snek, then he buggered off (as they do).

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739: (189/365) “Shoulda’ bought a Squirrel”

Cautionary advice indeed for anyone who has seen the movie comedy “Rat Race”:
We saw our first live squirrels when we first travelled to the UK, in a lovely park in Holland Park (interestingly the same suburb name we live in now here in Australia).

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730: (180/365) No Frills

Exploring Tanteidan Magazine 138, I noticed a rather lovely Frill Necked Lizard that I had not yet tried:
This is Gen Hagiwara’s Frilly, a torturous fold that spends lot of time isolating legs and tail from the large corner that would become the frill and head.

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552: (2/365) Tiny Snek

…so apparently, like, on the internets and stuff, Tiny Sneks are a thing, right:

This is Gen Hagiwara’s cartoon snake, a cute little model with lovely googly eyes and a smile.

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