1110: Origami World Marathon 4

I have recently completed the mammoth 50hr+ live fold-along festival called The Origami World Marathon. I folded as many as I could physically attend, and it is a super rare privilege to be actually taught by such world class designers.

I managed about 14 models live, slept some and can complete those missed because, as part of the purchased ticket I gain access to video tutorials from the designers for the next year – win, win.

I decided to try a wide range of figurative and geometric models, some 2hr sessions but most were 1 hour.

There were hundreds of us in Zoom rooms, folding and interacting live – how wonderful is the interwebs.

This _should_ actually be 14 separate posts, because all of these models are previously un-tried … but … meh.

I cut a bunch of Kraft squares in various sizes, also trotted out specialist papers and _tried_ to obey the prior published paper preparation (even though I buggered up twice – I must have been tired).

There were a wide range of skills, complexities and design styles on offer.

The folders were truly international, including a few Aussies – wonderful leveler is the internet also.

I am now padding to provide text in-between images, sorry.

I will definitely be up for the next marathon, now retired it does not matter that I am trashed on a Monday.

Folding super-complex dragons at 3am is a surreal experience. the order of the photos is NOT the order I folded them, sorry. Inserting images in a blog post is tiresome so I am being systematic in inserting them.

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