1053: Jake the Snek

My Mum had a large carpet snake take up residence atop her hot water system. Apparently he (she? who can tell?) was gentle, sleepy and knocked off some terracotta plant pots in his quest for a coil-spot:

Gen Hagiwara's snake

Over a period of a couple of weeks, he moved about, basking, slithering and generally being a snek, then he buggered off (as they do).

Gen Hagiwara's snake development

I decided to fold her a pet, this is Gen Hagiwara’s design, a wonderfully complex application of a 32 grid corrugation that takes a bi-colour paper and completes a series of colour changes to make a stripey snek.

This design eats paper like anything, I started with a 70cm square of Ikea white/natural Kraft, the resultant snek is about 40cm long, has a lovely pointy tail and detailed head including fangs.

Gen Hagiwara's snake scale

I included a wire spine (as per instructions) and the model is wonderfully poseable with a minimum of glue to stabilise seams. After the spine is in, the serpentine bends keep the side seams closed which is kind of cool given how thick everything is.

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