739: (189/365) “Shoulda’ bought a Squirrel”

Cautionary advice indeed for anyone who has seen the movie comedy “Rat Race”:
We saw our first live squirrels when we first travelled to the UK, in a lovely park in Holland Park (interestingly the same suburb name we live in now here in Australia).

Lovely little grey filly, impossibly fluffy tail, cutely flitting around in the underbrush.

The locals do not fawn over these critters – “tree rats” they are called but we were entranced. this is Gen Hagiwara’s design, one I had slated a long time ago as one I had to try.

Structurally, this model is very clever, really economical with paper and simple pre-creasing on the “fish” base makes folding this little critter a joy. I folded it in pink washi because …. reasons.

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