Mining Science Centre

Posted March 27th, 2011 by wonko

Cybernauts investigate “What is mining?”, and look at Copper and Zinc mining in particular, we look at ore, appearance along with the commercial application of metalswhymine

Looking at styles of mines (open-cut and underground), we investigate the commercial aspects of each, asking the question “Why Mine?”whatismining

Consultation with various stakeholders is important, the social and ethical implications of Mining are explored, along with the perspectives these different people bring to the discussion.consultation

We then explore the activities cybernauts are required to complete: “Your Mission, Jim…”missionroom

Down in the modelling pits, cybernauts use semi-transparent lego-like blocks to construct a 3d model of their field recordingsmodelbuilding

This mining science centre is now operational, time to move on to other activity centres.

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